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Northern California Properties

There are few places on our lovely Earth that can match the splendor and diversity of Northern California. From the exciting city-life of San Francisco to the tranquil Sierra mountains to the lush vinyards of Napa Valley to the magnificent Pacific Ocean to the small town charm of Santa Rosa, Northern California offers you the ideal place to buy a home.

At Northern California Properties we can help you find the property to match your tastes and life-style.

With over 4100 Northern California Real Estate listings available on this website, you are sure to find something suitable for you!

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Best Real Estate Deals in Northern California

Our "Best Deals" computer algorithm searches the current listings database for low-cost, high-value homes in Northern California, based upon price, square footage, lot size and number of bedrooms/bathrooms.
Upper Lake
630 2nd St, Upper Lake
$279,000, 7 bedrooms,
6 bathrooms, 2938 sq.ft.More...
3201 Springe St, Nice
$139,000, 4 bedrooms,
4 bathrooms, 2350 sq.ft.More...
3370 2nd St, Clearlake
$86,500, 3 bedrooms,
2 bathrooms, 960 sq.ft.More...

These listings change daily, as homes are sold and new homes come on the market, so check back often.


Price  $18,500,000 Bedrooms  5
MLS Number  21601372 Bathrooms  7
Address  1 State Highway 20 , Williams Sq. Ft.  4587 approx.

Price  $13,200,000 Bedrooms  10
MLS Number  21528689 Bathrooms  11
Address  High Valley Rd, Clearlake Oaks Sq. Ft.  11700 approx.

Price  $8,000,000 Bedrooms  5
MLS Number  21520899 Bathrooms  6
Address  East Rd, Redwood Valley Sq. Ft.  7200 approx.

Price  $1,197,000 Bedrooms  6
MLS Number  21527943 Bathrooms  5
Address  108 Sierra Blanca Ct, Grass Valley Sq. Ft.  6147 approx.

Price  $510,000 Bedrooms  8
MLS Number  21602715 Bathrooms  5
Address  720 Keys Blvd, Clearlake Oaks Sq. Ft.  4884 approx.

Counties of Northern California

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